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    Sadie Sininger, Cali Green Paint Interior Designer, offers complimentary 30 minute design consultations prior to meeting with a client


Sadie Sininger knows what looks good. The spunky Midwestern redhead, a California transplant since 2006, is always on trend, from her stylish threads and wedges to the meticulously planned graphics she designs to the cool, hip colors themes she selects for family, friends’ and clients’ walls.

But she also knows a little something about hard work and authenticity. Her easy smile and wide eyes put clients and coworkers at ease, while her early mornings and late nights at the office reassure them that things will get done in a timely manner, and be done well. Her tenacity and dedication to the project at hand are second to none.

Cali Green Paint is fortunate to have her.

As an experienced Project Manager and Interior Designer, she knows how to uncover what clients want color-wise, and gently guide them through the process of repainting their home or business from start to finish.

Proficient in design styles and services beyond color, Sadie can either work with clients to choose a hue that complement what they already have, or collaborate on new flooring, furniture and finishings that will upgrade the entire space.

Either way, she’s happy to help.

“It’s nice to be a part of helping the process along,” Sadie says. “There are so many people who will go in and say, ‘I have no idea what I want, but I know the house needs to be painted.’”

For those clients, she recommends they take some time away from a screen and drive around their neighborhood, looking at home colors they like. Or hang out in some different interior spaces and pay attention to color. Once they have a feel for the right vibe, she can steer them in a strong direction with inspiration images and samples.

And then there are the clients with more ideas than they can fit—a collection of ideas that look interesting but don’t quite go together. Her job is to distill their preferences, their style, and their needs to come up with the perfect solution.

“Most clients don’t know exactly what they want,” she says. “They’ve seen so many things that they want, or they watch HGTV or have gone on Pinterest, and they have like ten different ideas. From those ten different ideas, you have to funnel it down to what they’re thinking because you can’t always put all ten into one, or it’s going to look like an eclectic mess. It’s trying to find out what they like out of each one and find a composite of how to do it in a successful way.”

She has to funnel the ideas and personal preferences down into distilled form, then weigh those ideas that against what will work best in the long run. Every space must be functional, and if a client wants to consider a real estate transaction down the road, it must also appeal to a wider audience.

“What fits with the style of the house? What fits with the time we’re in right now? What’s going to withstand the test of time?” Sadie asks herself and clients.


Part of what drives her is the excitement of rising to meet a challenge.

“I think it’s almost like a math equation, and I love math and I love problems,” she says. “You get a client who has X, Y and Z. They want this, this and this, but they want to use this piece of furniture that’s older. Then they want you to merge it with a new concept or new design that they have. It’s like this equation that you have to put in your head, so you start researching imagery and try to find a way that they can make their existing furniture work in this new age.”

Budget be darned, she can work with anyone. She’s created fresh looks on a shoestring budget and on a lavish budget. It’s not about the money spent; it’s about the feeling left.


Sadie is one of those people who is a born designer. It’s both her passion and her strength. As a child, she enjoyed getting her hands dirty and trying out new and different colors and styles. Her family home in Nebraska was filled with repurposed furniture that she had salvaged and styled.

“I’m most excited when I’m working on things, whether it’s building something from scratch, taking something and repurposing it, or working with someone to give them exactly what that want. It’s fun for me.”

While she tried to veer away from design early on in college, listening to the naysayers who told her there was no money to be made in design, that it was impractical, she ultimately returned to her calling. Once she settled into the College of Design, taking classes in color, graphics, lighting and set design, she knew it was just the right fit.

“I enjoyed those classes—doing projects, picking colors, getting to go out and do hands-on things,” she says now. “I’m not that person who wants to sit at a desktop. I want something creative because I love being hands-on, getting to meet with different people.”

It’s clear that different people like meeting with her too. Our Cali Green Paint clients appreciate that she intuitively “gets” the underlying vision and emotion they seek. She speaks the language of home and office and of interior and exterior color.

Sadie listens to her clients, understands them, guides them and inspires them to make the right choice for their needs… even when that means a little extra finagling between spouses or business partners to hit the perfect happy medium that marries two distinct styles.


Cal State University, Long Beach

B.A. Art + Design

Technical Skills

3D Studio Max


Inspiration Boards

Technical Drawing: Floor Plan

Favorite Color


Favorite Architecture + Design

Mid-Century, a la Mad Men

“I like the idea of taking something a little older but making it modern… Mid-Century houses are easiest to flip and make modern—they’re all on one floor, they usually have really cool windows, and there’s always a lot of natural light. Usually the living room opens up to the backyard. We’re in California. I feel like any way you can merge your indoors with your outdoors (because it’s so nice all the time) is ideal.”

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