Doing Good with #MoreThanHomes

Our Commitment to Paying it Forward

Our founder, Edi Santos, was honored to be featured as a “For Social Good” company on a recent Giveback Homes #MoreThanHomes blog. Cali Green Life is a proud member of Giveback Homes, and we donate a portion of every paint, turf, water filtration or solar panel install to building homes for those in need.

Read on for an excerpt from the article:

Environmental Movement with Cali Green Life

When Edi started Cali Green Turf in 2015, it was never about just serving those who can afford to be environmentally friendly at any cost. It was about starting a movement for the masses. Rather than looking at how much money he’s making, he measures success by how many gallons of water he is saving. Earlier this year, Cali Green Turf expanded to Cali Green Life, an all-inclusive environmental brand. Services include synthetic turf through Cali Green Turf, in-home or office water filtration through Cali Green Water, solar energy with Cali Green Solar, and environmentally friendly paint with Cali Green Paint.

Growing up poor and without a lot of opportunities, Edi sought to make his services affordable and available to everyone. He believes that everyone deserves to have clean water to drink and access to alternative energy and a healthy home.

It was the severe drought in California that first drove Edi to start his suite of turnkey environmentally friendly businesses. He saw that turf could save thousands of gallons of water. In his own words: “Water represents life. Without it, we can’t live. We can’t do. We can’t be… The idea of being a (part of a) solution that goes towards something that’s so fundamental to life—it’s something that constantly empowers me.”

Stay tuned to learn more about Giveback Homes coming up on our website soon. In the meantime, click here for the full article about our founder, Edi Santos, his entrepreneurial spirit and family of companies, our commitment to Giveback Homes, and more about what they do.

About Cali Green Paint

At Cali Green Paint, we’re here to help you save energy and breathe healthier. We use eco-friendly paint and coatings in Los Angeles and Orange County. Contact us anytime at 712-898-3116 or for a free quote. Cali Green Paint is veteran owned and operated. We’ve served our country, now let us serve you.

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