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Hello Torrance!

As South Bay cities go, Torrance and our hometown of El Segundo are pretty alike. Although geographically divided, we both border the so-called “Beach Cities,” but boast beautiful beaches of our own. We have a diversity in industry, commercial and residential land use that our closest neighbors don’t. We’re closer to the freeway than they are, easily accessible to all that L.A. has to offer. And we have some pretty nice parks and schools for kids and families to enjoy life.

Maybe that’s one reason we feel so at home when we do work in Torrance.

It feels nice to do business in a city that values home ownership and entrepreneurship as much as Torrance.

Plus, as a Veteran owned company, we sincerely appreciate Torrance’s commitment to our Armed Forces. From the annual Armed Forces Day parade and festivities to the fact that the Torrance airport is named for Louis Zamperini, a World War II Veteran and a great man, it feels good to see that commitment to both local history and the men and women who serve this nation.

When Edi Santos, our Founder, left the Marine Corps, he knew he wanted to continue to serve the community with honor, courage and commitment, and an eye on the greater good.

And so it is with absolute pleasure that we serve all of you now. Residential and commercial. Large and small. No matter your needs. No matter the size of the project.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home or office, we’ve got you covered. We’ll work around you and your schedule, being as minimally invasive as possible, and we’ll work with you to select the best paint and color for your space.

The Paints We Use

Indoors, we offer Sherwin-Williams and Dunn-Edwards paints, which boast very low to no VOCs (the nasty little chemicals that smell bad and aggravate asthma and a host of other issues). Outdoors, you can choose between long-lasting Sherwin-Williams or Dunn-Edwards paints, or you can go full throttle with COOLWALL® energy saving color. We’re always happy to talk with you about the paints we use. They’re American-made by brands you can trust. Even better, we choose them because they are better for you and for the environment.

Free Color Consultation

If you’re not sure about color, or if you just want some confirmation that you’re making the right choice, every Cali Green Paint client has access to Sadie, our Interior Designer, at no extra cost. She’ll help with whatever you need to feel confident about your decision, from inspiration boards to color swatches to driving around the city with you to see the colors that catch your eye.

Our Painting Services in Torrance

Previous Work

We recently wrapped up a home that chose to go green with eco-friendly outdoor paint and turf in the yard—smooth for the kids to play in the front, with a putting green and patio area in the back. Thanks to the bundled package with our sister company, Cali Green Turf, they were able to secure a 5% discount.

Take a look at the photo above and video below. Then give us a call at 712-898-3116 or fill out the form to request a free quote for your home or office. No strings attached!

PS: While we’re talking, let us know if you’re also interested in turf, solar or water filtration and we’d be happy to package our services for a great deal.

Our Services

Want to make sure we can do what you need before you give us a call? Check the list below for some of the services we can provide that we’re frequently asked about. If you don’t see it on the list, just ask. We’ll give an honest answer, and if we can’t do it, we’ll refer someone who can.

We can help with:

  • Interior VOC-Free Paint
  • Exterior Low-VOC Paint
  • Exterior COOLWALL® Coating
  • Drywall
  • Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Patches
  • Stucco

Just to Recap…

Top Five Reasons to Choose Cali Green Turf

  1. We’re LOCAL! Located right here in the South Bay in El Segundo.
  2. Veteran Owned + Operated.
  3. 100% 5-star reviews on Yelp.
  4. VOC-free interior paints and energy-saving exterior COOLWALL® coatings.
  5. FREE design consultation.


Financing available for qualified projects!


Ask about our referral program!

Some of your neighbors in Torrance are already earning money and helping their friends with a high quality, eco-friendly paint job!

About Cali Green Paint

At Cali Green Paint, we’re here to help you save energy and breathe healthier. We use eco-friendly paint and coatings in Los Angeles and Orange County. Contact us anytime at 712-898-3116 or www.caligreenpaint.com for a free quote. Cali Green Paint is Veteran Owned and Operated. We’ve served our country, now let us serve you.