Lola V Nail + Dry Bar

New Sand Section Location for Fanciful California Salon

There’s something about really awesome interior design and a day of pampering that naturally go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s a soft soothing blue in a spa or a bright funky pop of color in a nail salon, women (and men, for that matter) love to feel the vibe—the essence—of a place. Drab, boring walls just don’t cut it for customers looking for the full experience. People want to feel inspired.

Lola V Nail and Beauty bar knows it. The fresh ‘n fancy nail salon and dry bar is a ray of happiness and sunshine for all who visit. The small chain, which initially opened its doors in Walnut Creek, sets itself apart with wise interior design choices: a dripping glass chandelier, a yellow and white palette that includes regal white chairs, plush pillows that spell out Lola V, one letter per chair, and a couple of bright yellow wall. It feels fun and young and, frankly, very So Cal sunny.

When Lola V Nail and Beauty Bar moved into Manhattan Beach, the established business wasn’t looking to create a new interior style. They came to us with a brand and a look that perfectly fit their business and clientele. What they needed was simply a painter to come in, fix the dingy old walls that used to line the interior space, and carefully and precisely (no random  yellow drips and drops allowed!) paint their signature modern look. So that’s exactly what we did.

We went in, patched up and painted the walls, and turned up the interior glam with crisp white and a strong shout of head-turning, smile-inducing, in-your-face yellow.

About the Client

Project Type

Commercial Interior

Nail Salon + Dry Bar

Client Name

Lola V. Nail + Beauty Bar




3515 Highland Ave.

Manhattan Beach, CA

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Tell us: What do you think about this look? Are you ready to book an appointment for polished nails and a new ’do and hang out in this space? Do the pictures inspire you think about a new interior painting project?

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