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Family of Four Picks All New Color Palette for Home

When Diana called us, her family had just made an offer on a home in Lomita—4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 floors. It was going to be in escrow for a while, and she wanted time to pick out exactly the right colors and theme for the walls, then get the whole interior painted and ready to go between closing and the big move-in.

With a young girl and a baby boy, design assistance was key. She wanted special bedrooms and a playroom for them, and a sanctuary for the master bedroom, but she didn’t want to have to think about it too much. After all, parenting young children and buying a home is more than enough to think about.

Although the family got quotes from several competitors, they said that two Cali Green Paint signature benefits figured into their choice to ultimately choose us:

  1. Free Color Consultation and Design with Sadie, our in-house interior designer, trained in design at Cal State Long Beach, and…
  2. All VOC-free paints, safer for her family to breathe.

So, while the home was in escrow, Sadie set to work figuring out design plan. She pulled together inspiration boards for each room in the house, with several color and design options. Diana would gravitate toward a photo that she liked best, then Sadie would head to Pinterest, type in the Sherwin-Williams colors that most closely matched the photo, and present Diana with new mood boards, each with its own signature Sherwin-Williams color. They narrowed the best options down to 12 colors.

Sadie picked up sample colors and large stickers that could be used to quickly apply peel-off paint to the walls once the home was ready. From 12, they whittled it down to the six colors that made it into most of the rooms in the house: Accessible Beige (living room, hallways, stairway, guest bedroom), Tame Teal (kitchen), Cottage Cream (playroom), Beachy Blue (master bedroom), Sleepy Blue (baby boy room), and base white. Plus, the two fireplaces each got a fresh coat of high heat black.

And then there were three additional colors to meet the daughter’s very specific request to complement her brand-new Frozen princess bedsheets in her bedroom: stripes of pink and red. Those colors were Impatiens Petal, Cheery, and Heartfelt, a gradient from light up high to dark below.

The previous home owners also gravitated toward color, so we had to do a decent about of prepping and priming to get the walls ready for new color. The playroom was turned from a brighter mustard yellow to a more subdued, but still warm and happy, yellow. The kitchen was taken from a bright red to the teal to match one of the hues in the existing tile. The girl’s room went from purple to stripes, and the boy’s room from lime green to blue, selected to match a custom closet door mural painted by a friend. Deep brown railings became stark white.

All ceilings were painted a flat white for a fresh update. Closets were not painted, to give a little extra wiggle room to the budget.

A Little Something Extra

In addition to color consult and actually painting the walls, we always like to do a little something extra if we can. Thanks to the long timeline due to closing, we were able to work closely with Diana over the course of a couple months. That meant we were able to talk out furniture layout and design to make move-in easier when the time came.

Then when the time came to paint, we also removed and replaced some tile near the fireplaces, replaced the patio door, fixed some wood flooring that had rotted due to moisture and termites (the house was tented prior to painting), and hung curtains in the kids’ rooms just before furniture arrived.

Finally, we left extra paint behind, labeled with the correct room, so that just in case they ever need a little touch-up, they’ll have the right color, the right sheen, and the high quality VOC-free Sherwin-Williams paint to cover it up. Because sometimes life with kids just necessitates a touch-up here and there.

About the Client

Project Type

Residential Interior

Paint Used

Sherwin-Williams Harmony
VOC-free, easy to clean


Lomita, CA

  • We loved this gorgeous skylight.

    Lomita skylight with Cali Green Paint painter
  • Before: Patches and Prepwork.

  • Before: Protecting the Floors

  • Girl’s Room Before

  • Prepping the room.

  • The stripes begin.

  • One more color to go.

  • After: striped and ready to go.

  • Boy’s Room After: Light Blue and Flowing Curtains.

  • Nice indoor/outdoor space.

  • A view from any angle.

  • Lovely natural light on these freshly painted walls.

  • Hallway

  • A beachy master bedroom.

  • Fresh coating on the fireplace.

  • Tame Teal to complement the tiles on the kitchen walls.

  • Another view of the kitchen, where the appliances will go.

  • Stairway After

  • Communal Fireplace After

  • Moving Day! Painters out, furniture in!

  • The paint cans we left behind—labeled with the room where the colors belong.

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