Ocean Recovery Center

New Exterior Color Offers a Fresh Look for Calm Renewal

Residents at the Ocean Recovery Center are going through a tough time in life. So a certain level of order and calm is necessary. We were honored to have been selected to paint the Balboa business, giving new color and fresh life to the building.

A Mix of Paints for a Mix of Surfaces

We used a mix of Dunn-Edwards Evershield and Aristoshield, plus CMFPS and DRYLOK on the commercial property, located just a block off the ocean. They are high quality paints with excellent coverage and a nice finish, suitable to the ocean breeze and salty air. A satin finish on the walls will help with moisture and make it easier to wash, while a tinted DRYLOK on concrete blocks that were not previously painted absorbed into the porous block for rich color. DRYLOK penetrated three-eighths of the block in, so even as the block crumbles over time, the color stays.

CMFPS was used on the upstairs floor, and a dark brown concrete stain went on the BBQ patio area, which had never been painted previously, and appeared dirty and stained from spills and usages over the years.

Finally, a semi-gloss trim around the windows will keep those looking fresh, and Aristoshield will protect the metal surfaces such as railings, screen windows and the garage doors.

“They said the quality of the paint from the previous painter was night and day,” said Cali Green Paint Interior Designer and Project Manager Sadie Sininger. “They didn’t even notice we were there. It was super in and out.”

Communication: The Key to Working Together

Because the building is used around the clock, and because there are several residents, we had to be careful to minimize impact on their daily lives. With twelve housing units and two stories, communication was paramount. As we painted stairs and railings and outdoor hallway floors, we were certain to advise residents of dry routes back to apartments and meeting areas, and painted as quickly as possible to get good coverage while drying quickly.

“Our painters tried to make sure they weren’t in the way of any of the (residents),” Sadie said. “If they had to go to the gym for an hour, they had an hour literally to paint the wall…. Because the guys had to be able to get back in their units. So there were certain time constraints within the job, just due to the fact that you are working around tenants who are living there and need to have access to their units. There’s no way to block someone out for 24 hours. When you’re painting concrete, you can only paint half and let that dry and then paint the other half. When you paint the upstairs walkway, you have to paint half, and then leave a trail and go back and paint the other half, and hope that they don’t walk on it.”

When Color Needs Change

A slight hiccup with color prolonged the job, but in the end, the client was satisfied and so were we.

Initially, the management requested a brownish beige, a “warm, manly” color. We painted the building with several brownish beige color swatches according to their desired look, in both light and dark areas. They settled on a favorite, and we colored the property. Unfortunately, once it was up, the beige took on a pink reflection in the shade. It looked warm, but definitely not very “manly.” In fact, the guys living there said it looked like makeup foundation or silly putty.

So, management quickly assessed the situation and decided to switch over to another neutral—a warm gray. We color matched it to a swatch they loved called Dove Tail and set back to work. The second color went a lot faster, as the prep work had already been completed—patching holes, sealing the surface and getting rid of stains—so it was simply a fresh color on a smooth surface. Plus it was the same type of paint layered on (Dunn-Edwards on Dunn-Edwards), so it stuck better than the first coat, which put Dunn-Edwards on top of another brand.

As we painted the new color, we covered the railings and trim carefully with painter’s tape and plastic to ensure the vintage white we’d just painted wouldn’t get any gray on it, and were able to turn around the gray in a matter of days.

Now it looks great. The guys are happy. And they can spend more time enjoying the grounds outside on the patio, focused on their roads to recovery in the serenity of a beautiful space.

About the Client

Project Type

Commercial Exterior

Residential Recovery Center

Paint Used

Dunn-Edwards Evershield + Aristoshield

Walls, Railings, Garage Doors

dirt resistant, mildew resistant


Concrete Blocks



Outdoor Walkway

Client Name

Ocean Recovery Center


Newport Beach, CA

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