When OneNinth came to us looking for an interior paint job, the El Segundo Video Production and Creative Agency wanted to do something tasteful, yet creative, offering a nod to their business name and tagline. Their slogan, “Just the Tip of the Iceberg,” represents just how much behind-the-scenes work goes into the finished product of each project they create.

As they say on their awesome website (, “On average, only 1/9th of an iceberg is visible above the water. Similarly, the videos we make are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many things that need to happen behind the scenes in order to create effective content.”

So how to convey that idea of an iceberg in paint?

Get creative with the ceiling.

OneNinth came to Cali Green Paint asking for white, glacial walls, with a blue or gray ceiling to represent the tip of that proverbial iceberg.

CGP Interior Designer Sadie Sininger talked with them about the tile and cabinets they were putting into the space, then kicked off the process of picking paint by presenting idea boards and inspirational images showing the possibilities of various hues and shades of blue and gray on the ceiling, surrounded by white walls.

“People are very visual,” Sadie said. “I went in and they said they wanted to know what a blue ceiling would look like, what a grey ceiling would look like and what color choices would be best based off the new flooring. From there, I gave them three sheets—20 images of the different blue ceilings with all different variations.”

She also offered gray and something different, to offer another creative angle.

“There were the gray variations, and then for something fun, I did the idea of doing a pop wall instead of doing the ceiling, just to show them the difference so they could make their decision,” Sadie said. (See inspiration boards at the bottom of this post.)

OneNinth Execs Jason Haffley, Brian Campeau and Lenny Vallone hashed out their thoughts, with Sadie’s help. They agreed on a gray ceiling, but which shade? Light or dark?

Jason wanted a darker hue, and Brian wanted something a bit lighter. Sadie was able to work with them on a compromise, a meet-in-the-middle of sorts that combined the power of a darker gray with the crisp brightness of a lighter gray, making sure that the final color complemented the flooring they had installed themselves.

The gray ceilings are unified throughout the space, from entryway to conference room to kitchen to office, with white walls and baseboards and a black trim around the doors.

In the end, our clients are happy, and we think the space looks incredible.

About the Client

Project Type

Commercial Interior

Creative Office Space

Paint Used

Sherwin-Williams Emerald

stain blocking

GreenGuard certified


Client Name

OneNinth Media



El Segundo, CA

Inspiration Boards

  • Inspiration Board: Light Ceiling

  • Inspiration Board: Dark Ceiling

  • Inspiration Board: Blue Pop Wall

  • Inspiration Board: Gray Pop Wall

Before and After Pictures

  • OneNinth Main Entry Before and After

  • OneNinth Kitchen Before and After

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