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New Color and Repairs Give Home a Fresh Look

Fifteen years is a long time between paint jobs.

It’s nothing to feel bad about…. life is busy, and painting a home is a major undertaking. It can be stressful to have workers around during the day, and the cost makes paint an investment. (That’s why we offer the most aggressive pricing we can, and our workers do all they can to minimize their impact on your lifestyle.)

That said, with most paints designed to last between 8–10 years, after 15, a building definitely begins to show some serious wear and tear.

Worn and torn is exactly the state we found this home in. The residence in Reseda has a lovely sized yard, and is owned by wonderful people who just hadn’t found the right time, color or money to paint in a while. As a result, there were patches of peeling paint high on the wall, damage to a few of the window frames and fascia, and stucco damage low down by the flower beds that we had to address as part of the preparations for new paint.

First, we spent some time selecting just the right color for the building. Sadie, our interior designer and project manager, talked with the homeowners, who settled on about 10 different samples to try. With stucco on the bottom an wood on the top for the front of the home, they wanted a two-tone look. They tried several different color combinations before ultimately choosing a white and beige combinations, with a navy blue door. Wanting an entry with personality, initially, they fell in love with the look of a red door at a neighbor’s home. But after trying three different reds that just didn’t feel quite right, they settled on a blue that seemed to fit the house better. The garage door and window trims were painted pure white, crisper than the cream that was there before.

Once the color was selected, we set to work prepping the house.

Some of the stucco toward the bottom of the walls had been eaten away over the years. Since stucco is largely made of sand, it’s a very common problem when flower beds abut the home. Moisture from the sprinklers and the dirt slowly creeps into the stucco—especially once the protective seal of paint has peeled away—and does damage. So we pulled out plants, used a wire brush to clean up areas of stucco that were damaged, patched it up with new stucco, and got the walls strong again. We also did some repairs to window frames and some of the fascia. Some pieces were replaced with brand new wood, while others could be repaired with some woodfilling. We also replaced a few wood pieces in the fence and doorways where there were gaps. And we replaced the door to the laundry room, which had been placed in a frame upon installation that wasn’t quite the right size, leaving a gap at the bottom that wouldn’t seal. Finally, we replaced some gliders in the kitchen cabinets just to help out. Overall, the structure of the home was strong; it was just areas that needed to be improved.

We know the home owners were so happy to come home to a fresh look and no peeling paint, and we were very happy to help them bring their home back to a beautiful state, protected from the moisture and mildew that had hurt it.

Take a look at the transformation below.

About the Client

Project Type

Residential Exterior

Paint Used

Dunn-Edwards Evershield
Ultra-low VOC, Fade Resistant, Prevents Mildew


Reseda, CA

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