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Ranch-Style Home Gets Facelift and a Fresh Start

This sweet exterior upgrade came to us via Facebook. (We love social media!) An old friend from high school reached out and said she was ready to upgrade her home and give it a fresh new look. She’d put in a new deck and new flooring. She had even started the paint process, going out to Home Depot and picking up sample colors, even painting several swatches on the front of her home, but she’d stalled picking the color she really wanted.

Part of the problem was that picking a color is a really big decision, and she wanted a professional opinion to verify her selection. And part of the problem was simply a matter of too many choices and too many cooks in the kitchen. She asked everyone what they thought of her swatches, each a shade of gray with a different hue coming through. One looked more green, another more blue, another with a hint of purple. A total of six grays sat on display, challenging her to pick the right one. Naturally, everyone she asked had a different opinion. Her mom liked one. A friend liked another. And no one seemed to prefer her favorite.

She was savvy to know when and where to paint the samples. She put them on the front of her home, along the side of her driveway. Curb appeal was important, and she wanted to see the colors at different times of day, in different lights and times of shade. She knew that placing them in front of the house would do two things: it would force her to make a decision (no one wants to live in a partially patchworked home!), and it would give her a feel for the emotion she’d have coming home.

By the time Cali Green Paint came in, we didn’t need to look over dozens of color samples or create inspiration boards. Beyond the sample swatches, she had driven around the neighborhood and generally knew what she wanted. We just had to help her follow her instincts, ensure the paint applied would be a greener, healthier choice, and get our paint crew out there, ready to paint.

We applied an additional gray to give her a comparison, talked about how each of the colors worked with the original brick along the bottom half of the home, and left the decision up to her. She felt empowered to make a bold decision, go with her initial choice, and update the home from a the original light peach to more of a purplish-gray. We took her paint color into Sherwin-Williams, and they ran a perfect color match to give us the shade she wanted in SuperPaint, a superior exterior paint that is antimicrobial and comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Once she booked with us (using a MoneyMailer discount…check your mailboxes!), it took us one week to carefully prep, prime and paint it, replace the gutter and put up new fascia board. We also painted a cement wall border between her neighbor and herself, matching it to the home.

We love the new look, and most importantly… She does too! (We’re pretty sure she even won over her mom in the end.)

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About the Client

Project Type

Residential Exterior

Paint Used

Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint

dirt resistant

mildew resistant

lifetime limited warranty


El Segundo, CA

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