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Family of Six Opts for Full Cali Green Life Upgrade with Paint and Turf

Life gets mighty busy with four kids. Messy too, especially when they are all boys. That’s why this Torrance family opted for new turf and paint. In fact, they came to us through an initial phone call to Cali Green Turf.

Mom Tina was tired of mud and dirt in the front yard, glaring at her every day, a constant reminder of how her grass just wouldn’t grow. She was also really tired of the kids trekking the mud and dirt through the house, and leaving spots on the garage door below the basketball hoop. She wanted her boys to be able to enjoy the outdoors and their yard, but sparse grass wasn’t working. In fact, it had gotten so bad that her husband had finally pulled up the grass, knowing it was time to make a change. Better yet, it was time to make a change that would be low maintenance for two very busy parents.

So, when George, our Director of Sales at Cali Green Turf, went out to take a look at the property, he listened to Tina talk about the issues with an aging paint job and stained walls, and let her know about our bundle discount with Cali Green Paint. (All Cali Green Life companies offer a discount for bundling services: Paint, Turf, Solar and Water.)

They talked about how the optimal time to paint would be prior to putting in the turf, since that way they wouldn’t have to worry about drips and drops of color getting on the artificial grass. Plus, it would be easiest for her family to just have to deal with one company, all at once, for a completely fresh look in time for the holidays.

The family decided on a fully revamped look, with pavers and turf in the front, a fun putting green with space for patio furniture in the back, and brand new color with a 25 year warranty and superior coverage.

They wanted something that would hold up to the family’s four boys, and look timeless. The paint job they had wasn’t terribly old; it had only been done five years before. But it was a green color that Tina hadn’t ever really loved, and it wasn’t aging well.

Before painting, Tina met with Sadie, our Interior Designer, to choose the color. They narrowed it down to six colors that Tina liked, but weren’t quite right, then found four neighboring colors, and finally four more. The last batch of color had the winner: a gray that looked good in every light, looked warm and inviting, and fit nicely with the reddish wood columns and pavers in the front yard.

In order to complete the look, we painted the back door white, framed the windows, updated the fascia, and patched the stucco where the old fascia had been and the stucco hadn’t been completed, as well as any cracks in the stucco that had appeared over time. We also painted the concrete steps a shade darker than the house to pull it all together and protect the steps from stains.

Now the house looks great, and the boys can practice their golf game in the back and their basketball game in the front, while Mom can relax with a fresh lemonade and enjoy the view. What could be better?

See additional photos and video below for a 360 view of the project!

About the Client

Project Type

Residential Exterior

Paint Used


Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial


Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint

dirt resistant

mildew resistant

25 year warranty


Torrance, CA

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