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Vaughn Next Century Learning Center

San Fernando Valley School Chooses Cali Green Paint for Interior Job

We love Vaughn Next Century Learning Center charter schools.

Last Spring, our sister company, Cali Green Turf, installed a large field over Spring Break. It was a big job that will save a LOT of water over the lifetime of the turf, and it was an honor to complete the installation for a school widely recognized as a leader in green construction and design. In fact, we wrote a really informative blog post about the school and their commitment to greening the campus over at our turf website. We recommend you take a look by clicking here once you’re done reading about the paint job.

So we were really excited when they called us up in November to see if we could paint the interior hallways, stairways, doors and public spaces over Winter Break. (Spoiler Alert: We said yes.)

They wanted paint that was VOC-free, so safe for the kids to breathe. The job needed to be done quickly, over a period of two weeks during the holidays, so that there wouldn’t be any wet paint once the kids came back from break—or any painters left trying to finish the job, for that matter! The color needed to match the existing color, be durable and easy to wipe off or clean in case of dirt or pencil graffiti, and signage had to be put back exactly where it belonged. Plus, the school’s massive collection of artwork and murals absolutely could not be damaged.

No problem, we said. We’ll take care of it.

We called Dunn-Edwards up and asked them to color match to the previous hallway colors. Vaughn wasn’t looking for all new color or major change… just an update, since it had been well over 10 years since the last paint job. Over the years, swatches of paint had been used to cover up dings and writing on the walls, and while the colors matched, the sheen did not, giving the hallways a patchwork appearance when viewed under the hallways lights.

In order to avoid such a look moving forward, we asked Dunn-Edwards for a little more paint than necessary, so that we could leave extra behind with Vaughn for future use, nicely labeled for their maintenance team to know what went where.

As we prepped the school, taking down all the signage, shelving, and some of the permanent student artwork, we took photos and kept careful records of what went where. That way we’d know exactly where to hang it once the paint was dry. We patched up holes that revealed the history of how signs had moved over the years, and made sure the walls were clean of any dirt, grime or grease.

And then we set to painting. [Full disclosure: if you watch our Instagram feed, you likely saw our one little mishap. When we taped around the fire alarm to paint, we accidentally tugged too hard removing the tape and called the fire department. Oops! They were friendly and made sure we could get back to work quickly.]

We used a Dunn-Edwards semi-gloss for the walls, which is easier to wipe and easier to clean. Plus, like we said, we left extra for touch-ups so the sheen will match and they won’t have to color match in the future. They’ll have the exact color combination ready to go.

On metal, wood and high traffic areas, we used Dunn-Edwards Aristoshield, perfect for trims and spaces that will attract a lot of fingers.

All went well. The school is happy. And our painters finished ahead of schedule, which made them happy too! Bonus family time over the holidays.

About the Client

Project Type

Commercial Interior
Charter School

Paint Used

VOC-free, easy to clean

Client Name

Vaughn Next Century Learning Center


Vaughn Charter Schools


13330 Vaughn St.
San Fernando, CA 91340

  • Our Cali Green Paint guys would scale any ladder to make sure Vaughn’s stairways looked perfect.

  • The Vaughn Next Century Learning Center hallway walls before we painted: full of patches and scratches from years of use.

    Vaughn Charter School hallways before picture: patches and scratches
  • The school has several student and inspirational murals lining the hallways. We were careful to work around them.

    Vaughn Charter School mural
  • We were careful to work around the murals and remove and reinstall student artwork. Beautiful, isnt it?

    Cali Green Paint carefully removes Vaughn Charter School student artwork.
  • Oops! We accidentally called the San Fernando Fire Department in a little painters tape incident the first day on the job. At least they were nice about it.

    Oops! Called the San Fernando Fire Department. At least they were nice about it.
  • Teamwork: A big job means lots of painters working together.

    Vaughn Next Century Learning Center: Big Job Means Lots of Painters Working Together
  • This is what an empty high school hallway looks like… nobody but the painters during Winter Break.

    Vaughn Charter School empty hallway: nobody but the painters over Winter Break.

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